SmartBee LTH/CO2 - Light Temperature Humidity CO2 Sensor

SmartBee LTH/CO2 - Light Temperature Humidity CO2 Sensor is designed to constantly monitor lights, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in a confined grow space.  Consistent monitoring and control of these variables are not only crucial to the quality of a garden but allow growers to sift through accurate, real-time data and make changes whether onsite or remotely via the internet.

  • Solar panels on top of the unit ensure the long durations without need for charging
  • Wireless data transmission for real-time environmental readings
  • Easily installs into existing indoor grow spaces without messy wires 
  • Utilizes industrial-grade, machine-to-machine wireless mesh network technology (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Integrates with multiple sensors for individual and aggregate sensor data logging
  • Sturdy construction for free-hanging or wall mount installation
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SmartBee LTH/CO2 - Light Temperature Humidity CO2 Sensor is designed to allow better access to plant canopy readings.  Within the canopy it crucial to have properly placed sensors that can record CO2 levels and adjust these levels when necessary.

Pouring CO2 into any growing space can be positive or negative depending on the plant's needs.  Knowing exactly what is happening at any given moment and over periods of time allows for incremental adjustments that could not have otherwise been made.

Any dynamic system needs proper monitoring.  Should a grower decide to deploy a CO2 injection system for maximizing growth they can now sample the air and send data to the Hive Gateway for data logging.  

With HID lights, the room temperature will quickly rise making temperature control essential.  This limits the time that one is able to inject CO2 and also increase CO2 wastage, which the SmartBee Control System minimizes by monitoring your CO2 system distribution.  The data logging allows you to see how much CO2 is being evacuated out of your room based on your temperature fluctuations.

Sensor Features

  • Excess garden light solar charges the internal Li-Ion battery to extend the period of time before recharge is needed
  • Wireless data transmission for “Real-Time” environmental readings
  • Easily installs into any existing garden configuration
  • Utilizes industrial-grade, machine-to-machine wireless mesh network technology (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Integrate with multiple LTH or LTH+CO2 sensors for individual and aggregate sensor data logging
  • Sturdy plastic construction for free-hanging or wall-mount installation

Weight: 6 lbs

Manufacturers Part Number: 100102



Measurement Parameters Temperature, Photosynethically Active Radiation (PAR), CO2, Humidity
Manufacturer SmartBee